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Genes Diffusion takes you to a new dimension in dairy cattle auctions. To participate, you will need to become a registered user. Once you have done so, you can login at any time tosee each lot being auctioned and to place bids.

Each lot being auctioned is included in the catalog. In it you will find specific information concerning each lot along with photos of each animal selling. Take some time to review the catalog and contact us with any questions you may have.

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From the Management...
Welcome to GENES DIFFUSION's On-Line Dairy Auction where we have specifically selected Holstein heifers for the quality conscious dairyman.

The majority of heifers were selected from top individual dairies throughout Ontario, Canada. All heifers have been confirmed pregnant and vaccinated/treated with the following products within the last 30 days.

o Nasalgen
o Pasturella (1 shot)
o 9-way vaccine
o Ivomec (pour on)

In addition, all heifers have tested negative to BVD-PI and Johnes (Elisa Test).

Currently, heifers are being fed a ration of corn silage, brewer's grain, minerals, and free choice dry alfalfa/grass hay.

On behalf of GENES DIFFUSION, I am very pleased and excited with the quality of the cattle we were able to put together for your consideration. It has been a pleasure assembling this group of cattle, and we are confident they are the kind that will be a profitable addition to your dairy operation.

Steve Keller
Sales Manager

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